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Kracht - flow control

The range of Kracht flow measurement equipment, which includes Atex certified products for use in hazardous environments, can be divided into three main sections;

Volume Counters are designed to be placed in the fluid flow line. These units produce a square wave output, the frequency of which provides flow rate measurement. When totaled, this data provides volume measurement.

The differing size, sealing, bearing and construction material options make the range suitable for fitting into most flow lines whatever the media.

Further high temperature and ‘intrinsically safe configuration’ specification options provide Kracht volume counter solutions suitable for ATEX hazardous environment use.
For use in a wide range of applications including dosing and batching, mixing, system control and positioning, Kracht micro-controllers are designed to take the data
output from Kracht Volutronic flowmeters and convert this to a usable format, compatible with individual application needs, ensuring that processes are exactly monitored, regulated and controlled.
Where customers are not using their own computerised or a PLC interface KTH offer a number of standard Micro-Controller packages to meet the needs of most applications of most industries.


KT Hydraulics is able to design complete systems for customers if required, or specify and supply auxiliary equipment such as inverters and where necessary provide fully
assembled and tested assemblies in control cabinets.
Click for further details and specifications on the Kracht Volutronic range of flow measurement and control products  or contact our dedicated Kracht sales engineer on 01422 377 474 to discuss your specific application requirements.


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API Standards

With many years of experience in design and manufacture to API standards including API Standard 614, Lubrication Shaft-Sealing and Control-Oil Systems for Special-Purpose Applications, 5th Edition, we have an in -depth understanding of the requirements and implications.

Email or call now for our API design criteria sheet.