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KTH breaks new ground with 3D Computer Aided Design

Imagine packing the luggage for the annual family holiday into the boot of your car. Then, to make it a little more difficult you are only allowed one attempt and you can’t leave anything out and finally you have to create a plan of where every item will fit working purely from the dimensions of your car boot and the items of luggage.

You may now have a inkling of just how difficult it is to design a complex hydraulic system using two-dimensional computer software and appreciate why KT Hydraulics has just made a significant investment in the latest SolidWorks 3D CAD software.

The components and systems designed and manufactured by KTH usually form part of a larger system or item of plant and as such are required not only to connect to other elements they are also often required to fit within confined dimensions, occasionally with extremely restricted acccess for installation.

3D rendering of pump and seal auxiliary skid packageThe 3D capability of SolidWorks CAD allows design engineers to render an accurate 3D image of each element of the system they are designing. As the whole system builds piece by piece any issues such as spatial conflicts are immediately evident and can be eliminated at the design stage rather than creating delays and adding cost to the manufacturing and installation process.

“Where our system has to combine with other elements of a plant  -either existing or new build, our design teams can now exchange information with the other suppliers involved in a project and build a complete ‘virtual’ installation, ensuring that all the various pieces will come together on-site exactly as designed with no spatial clashes, access problems or shortfall,” explains Richard Ellis, KTH managing director.

API614 / 682 Plan 53b Auxiliary package skid ready for shipmentThis new software will be a great benefit to our customers as well as our own staff. We will be able to design more quickly as several engineers can now work on one system at the same time, safe in the knowledge that they can easily piece together their separate elements in a ‘virtual’ model. Being able to view a design in 3 dimensions also allows us to more easily plot the shortest routes for piping and cabling, saving on material costs. Finally, as most systems are created using the same or similar components we will soon be able to build systems on-screen by selecting the relevant pieces from a ‘component library’ – a major aid to cutting the time required to prepare accurate system designs and quotations.

Using the 3D design software has helped us take an increasingly proactive role in many projects and even led to us designing and building our first turnkey package products.

SolidWorks and the associated computer hardware to handle the graphics manipulation has been a major investment for KTH but we are confident that it will repay that cost many times over in a relatively short period of time.” 


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API Standards

With many years of experience in design and manufacture to API standards including API Standard 614, Lubrication Shaft-Sealing and Control-Oil Systems for Special-Purpose Applications, 5th Edition, we have an in -depth understanding of the requirements and implications.

Email or call now for our API design criteria sheet.