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Wind power brings new business for KT Hydraulics

Hydraulic systems specialist, KT Hydraulics, has added a surprise new string to its business bow due to the UK’s increasing interest in wind power. The company is the UK distributor of German manufactured, Kracht pumps. Recognised as a leading world brand in the pump industry, Kracht pumps and flowmeters have been supplied by KTH for a vast range of applications including F1 motor racing, process industries and marine applications.

KTH director Richard Ellis comments on this surprise new avenue of business; “Judging by some of the recent enquiries we have received, Kracht pumps have broken into a new channel and several wind turbine manufacturers are now fitting the KF range of pumps as original equipment. The KF pumps are used as separate, motor-driven, lubricant pumps to provide a lubrication supply to the turbine gearbox and bearings – a small but critical task in pieces of machinery that need to run as efficiently as possible with the minimum of downtime for maintenance. The pumps basically draw oil from the gearbox sump, pass it through a filter and feed it back into the gearbox, maintaining a constant flow whenever the windmill is running. The number of manufacturers, suppliers and operators of wind turbine equipment is growing at a rapid rate in the UK and we expect over time, that new build and replacement parts for this sector will become a significant source of business for us”.

The Kracht KF pump has proven particularly successful in coping with the high viscosity oils used in these gearboxes – especially in cold start situations where correct oil flow is essential to prevent damage to the gearbox. The remote location of many wind turbine installations and the requirement for low maintenance levels, make reliability a key factor. The Kracht KF pump range is an ideal choice under these sort of operating conditions. Since the middle of 2001 over 4,500 Kracht KF units have been supplied for wind turbine applications and the company is carrying out a development program in conjunction with both gearbox and wind turbine manufacturers to find solutions to turbine operation problems - particularly in extreme conditions such as offshore sites and very low temperature locations.

In addition to being the sole distributor for Kracht pumps, flowmeters and hydraulic equipment in the United Kingdom, KT Hydraulics holds the worldwide agency for Kracht marine spares. The full range of work covered by KT Hydraulics includes the design, manufacture and installation of complex hydraulics systems to ISO9001:2000 accreditation for applications in a diverse range of industries including food, chemicals, shipping and offshore oil and gas.


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With many years of experience in design and manufacture to API standards including API Standard 614, Lubrication Shaft-Sealing and Control-Oil Systems for Special-Purpose Applications, 5th Edition, we have an in -depth understanding of the requirements and implications.

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